Investment Publications

Quarterly Commentaries

The Panda in the Room, December 2020

Coffee Can Portfolio, September 2020

Surprises, June 2020

Pestilence, March 2020

Black Summer, December 2019

What is Both Important and Knowable?, September 2019

How Much Cash?, June 2019

Omaha, March 2019

Buying Priorities, December 2018

Late Stage of the Bull Market?, September 2018

Incentives Matter, June 2018

Compounding, March 2018

Bitcoin, December 2017

Patience, September 2017

Home Loans, June 2017

An Apple a Day..., March 2017

What are the Odds?, December 2016

Character, September 2016

Brexit, June 2016

Going Out on Our Own, March 2016

Interest Rates, December 2015

Get Ready, September 2015

A Time to Preserve Wealth, June 2015

Relative Values, March 2015

Patience, December 2014

Be Prepared, September 2014

Quality, June 2014

Doing a Bradbury, March 2014

Inactivity, December 2013

Keystone, September 2013

Seeking Yield, June 2013

Fear and Greed, March 2013

Crawling Back Up the Risk Curve, December 2012

Timing the Market, September 2012

Risk? Or Just Volatility?, June 2012

Pilgrimage to Omaha, March 2012

Strong Aussie Dollar, December 2011

Hold Cash and Keep a Shopping List, September 2011

Cold Hard Cash, June 2011

Unknowns, March 2011

Dutch Disease, December 2010

Blackmores, September 2010

Second Chance?, June 2010

Buying Great Businesses, March 2010

Irrational Exuberance?, December 2009

Lessons of the GFC, September 2009

Green Shoots?, June 2009

Prepare; Don't Predict, March 2009

Buying into Forced Selling, December 2008

Watch the Playing Field, not the Scoreboard, September 2008

Oil, June 2008

Market Volatility, March 2008

US Recession?, December 2007

Client Letters

Letter from Omaha, 15 May 2012

Investment Psychology & Debt, 12 March 2008

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